Madeleine Maloney Dip. Teaching (Primary); Diploma Solution Oriented Counselling; Diploma Counselling for Solutions; Diploma Solution Oriented Hypnosis

Counselling, Hypnotherapy

When I was teaching, the value of studying counseling was apparent to me. Many students experienced emotional/mental health issues that impacted on their learning, their social interactions and their wellbeing.

I chose to study Solution Oriented Therapy and Milton H. Erickson Hypnotherapy with Dr Robert McNeilly at the Centre of Effective Therapy (CET) Brighton Victoria.

These three years of study linked my experience/learning as an educator to my evolving philosophy of practice for counselling and hypnotherapy.

I worked as a volunteer counsellor and suicide buddy with Lifeline while completing my studies. This experience highlighted the courage and the strength people show in seeking support at times of distress, anguish and crisis. The step of phoning was a key action in precipitating possibilities that had been hidden by emotions such as shame, guilt, hopelessness and anxiety.

Volunteering offered valuable hours of listening and engaging with people.

After graduation I worked as a teacher and a counsellor in varied social, cultural and geographic settings including various regions of Australia, Poland and Ireland.These experiences offered a wealth of learning that informs my philosophy of practice as a counsellor.

Clients and associates have appraised that I respectfully gain the trust of the client and enable the consistent generation of useful outcomes.

‘I hold Madeleine’s approach to therapeutic care in the highest regard. Her work as head counsellor at St John’s Catholic school in Darwin was exemplary as was her understanding of cross cultural responsiveness.’

Ash Dargen, NT coordinator for i-bobbly research and development

People say what makes a difference in sessions is the experience of being listened to and respected in a space where they can see what matters to them in fresh, alternative ways. In this space they can discover and create ways of doing something differently, often something small and easy in their daily living. The experience of exploring, connecting and learning can be natural and familiar.

What matters is a mood of not knowing, of being curious, respectful, of humour, flexibility and a willingness to be human together.

It is a joy to see people leaving the session feeling positively different.


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Madeleine is registered with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA Reg: Clinical).



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