David Wareing Master of Medical Science (Research) Award from 2002 from University of Tasmania, Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy) Award from Curtin University of Technology 1994

Occupational Therapist

  • Behaviour management for people with a disability
  • Development of support plans for people with complex needs
  • Specialised assessments of functional skills and adaptive behaviours
  • Individualised training and program development for individuals and services
  • Program development and training for services providing support to people with complex support needs and/or challenging behaviours
  • Risk assessments
  • Analysis and review of paid support services
  • Home modification and equipment

As an occupational therapist, I have a broad range of skills and a pragmatic approach to ensure that my work is client focused and outcome driven for that individual.

Over the last twenty years I have worked with people with disabilities who are receiving assistance from family members or paid carers.

I have particular specialised skills working with people with an intellectual disability who display challenging behaviour. I was award a Master of Medical Science in 2002 from the University of Tasmania for my thesis A Moral Order of Supported Care: A Case Study. It is my strong belief that it is the way we think as the ‘able minded’ that disables those whom we are paid to support. As such, my research, publications and practice are focused on exposing the practical reasoning found in supported care and making that care better.

I firmly believe that it is society’s response to the individual’s impairment that brings about disability. It is the way we respond as individuals and as a society that determines how the care relationship of ‘support-worker/client’ is constructed and formed: we, the ‘able minded’ decide whether we shape that relationship to enable or disenable.

This is the perspective that I work from, using the tools of my trade to enhance the individual and his or her support systems to ensure that the individual’s impairment is neutralised so they can full live out their potential as a member of our community.


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